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L J Ross Associates has been successfully servicing the financial industry for over 24 years. Our services range from call center, customer service, to recovery management. We understand that every client has a unique vision and strategy, and L J Ross Associates takes pride in being an extension of those attributes. L J Ross Associates is willing to tailor and personalized a customer service culture, to our client’s institution.

L J Ross Associates specializes in recovery management services. From pre-charge off to recovery, all levels are worked with personal attention and interest. Whether services are needed with in-house receivables, post charge off and recovery management, to fraudulent recovery, we are willing and able to assist our clients and their customers.


Upon Request, L J Ross Associates is able to integrate a software access strategy with our client's systems. This allows the ability to manage a client's system, helping to save on labor costs, and allows information to be obtained and updated seamlessly and accurately.

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