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Since 1992, L J Ross Associates has been helping companies successfully manage their revenue recovery programs. Our highly skilled recovery specialists are specifically trained in all varying areas of our business, allowing us to provide professional debt collection services. Due to our focus on people, priorities, performance and commitment, our services effectively increase communication and revenue, reduce operational costs and ensure better customer relationships for our clients.

Experts in Payment and Financial Engagement

At L J Ross, we understand that sometimes life throws curveballs. A lost job, medical diagnosis, car trouble, or other hardship can make life more difficult. That is why at L J Ross, we treat account holders as people, and work to help them create a plan for getting out of debt and putting their finances in order. We begin the process by developing a trusted connection with the account holder in every interaction. Research has shown that establishing a relationship built on trust with our account holder leads to faster resolutions and informed decisions.

We understand the importance of your business reputation, which is why we treat every interaction as an extension of our clients. We track accounts carefully and are diligent in collecting payment. Our highly-trained staff is skilled in collections best practices to ensure a fast, efficient, and ethical process.

How We're Different

Nationwide Recovery Services

100% U.S based serving nationwide clientele

Consumer Friendly Approach

Focused on maintaining your partnerships through ethical methods.

Certified Recovery Experts

Our recovery specialists are well-versed in each industry we serve, and complete extensive training to received ACA Professional Collection Specialist Certification.

Account Specialization

We specialize in first party, third party collection services, bill pay and call center services.

Online Account Placement

We offer a fast, secure method of placing delinquent accounts into collection with our client online portal.

World-Class Data Security

Top security and compliance protocols to protect your data.


Our agility allows us to take our best practices, tailor it to our clients and get competitive results without sacrificing quality.

Exceptional Netback

Our high recovery dollars combined with competitive contingency rates equate to higher net back.

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